Front End
Web Developer


  • Design

    I like to keep my websites simple, stripping away anything unnecessary to focus on what’s important to get your message across.

  • Develop

    I use the latest technologies to bring your website to life, adding interactive features and making your website run on all modern devices.

  • Deploy

    I can help you choose hosting, aquire a domain name, and get your website online.


  • Hi, I'm Ross

    A self-taught web developer based in Cambridgeshire UK, with just under two years of commerical experience working for Shopify Plus and WordPress creative agencies.

    I have experience building custom responsive websites, and WordPress and Shopify themes using the latest web technologies, including HTML 5, CSS 3/Sass, Vanilla Javascript (ES6), Liquid, NPM/Yarn, and Git. In the past, I've also worked with jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and various CSS frameworks (most notably Bootstrap).

    I am currently focusing my studies on understanding the more advanced side of JavaScript, with an aim to become a full stack JavaScript developer using Node.JS, ReactJS, MongoDB, Express, and Webpack.

    This site is built using the ECSS class naming convention. You can see this site's source code on my GitHub.


  • HTML 5

  • CSS 3

  • Git

  • JavaScript

  • ReactJS

  • Photoshop

  • SCSS

  • Liquid

  • Post CSS

  • Sketch

  • ECSS

  • CSS Frameworks

  • Terminal

  • jQuery

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • Wordpress

  • Node.js

  • OSX


  • Reddit Search Project

    [2019] Reddit Search ReactJS Project

  • Countless Skies - Official Website

    [2018] Countless Skies - Official Website

  • Naomi Lowri Art Website

    [2017] Naomi Lowri Art Website

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I'm currently available for freelance work.

If you have a project, or need help with a website, please get in touch.